In my live events, coprorate executives beg me for this because...

No matter who you are... you will benefit
from having more confidence... and now you can
be supremely confident whenever you want

Here's exatly how you can be more confident
in a mere
 45 minutes from now...

Dear friend,

Good news... you are not alone!

Everyone needs more confidence...even seemingly fearless top executives who appear to have eveything under control get scared when they are under pressure.

That's exactly why a group of top executives forced me to invent this program once they found out that I was a master hypnotist... and now it is by far the most popular segment of my live events.

It's ok for you to feel like you need more confidence
to face the challenges of life

 Paul Endress

Whether it's facing a difficult situation at home, at work, in romantic relationships, or at school, everyone can use some help and my new 2011 version of The Confidence Button will do exactly that for you.

All you have to do is listen to the Confidence Button program.

During the program, I use light hypnosis to guide you in a journey back through your life to find the times when you have been confident (everybody has them... even if you think you don't.)

Then we concentrate those times of confidence in a spot on the side of your knee where you can access them when you need them.

Here's the secret...

You already have confidence, you just don't know how to access it when you need it.

This isn't therapy to fix you (you aren't broken)... it's simply a forty five minute guided exercise that puts your conscious mind at rest while you gather up the confident experiences of your life and organize them in a way that will serve you when you need them.

That's it... it's that simple.

Here's how I discovered this amazing secret...

Eleven years ago, I attended Unleash the Power Within put on by Tony Robbins where an entire arena filled with two thousand people did a fire walk. Along with everyone else, I took off my shoes and socks and walked on burning coals without getting hurt in any way. And when I was done, I had discovered that if I could walk on fire, I could do anything if I put my mind to it.

This life changing experience opened my mind to the power of the unconscious mind and I began to study everything I could get my hands on including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and hypnosis. Finally in 2009, I received a certification in advanced hypnosis techniques from American Pacific University.

That's when I invented the Confidence Button and started to make it available to students in my live seminars. Everyone who experienced it was amazed, and I started to get requests to package it so that everyone could have access to it. So here it is... available to you right now.

Will this work for you?

The answer is yes... as long as you want it to work. Neither I nor anyone else can make you do something you don't want to do... but if you have a desire to have confidence, this easy-to-use program will make that desire a reality and give you the confidence that you need and deserve.

Remember... there is no magic here... I am simply helping you to access the confidence that you already have. Even if you don't think you have it, or know where it is right now... together we will find it and give you a way to get it when you need it.

This is the real stuff

This is not some "rah rah" stuff where you chant happy words to try to make yourself feel better. It's not fake self esteem... it's the real thing that comes for inside of you... not me.

My simple guarantee

Buy the Confidence Button right now and use it. If you don't agree that you have more confidence when you need it... just let me know and I'll give you your money back... and you can keep the program and all of the bonuses. That's how much I believe in the program.

The risk is all mine... the gain is all yours!

How to get it

How much would it be worth to have absolute confidence available to you any time you need it?

The answer is that it is worth much more than anyone will pay. It's probably worth thousands of dollars, but realistically there are few people could afford to pay that much, so at the suggestion of some friends I have priced it at $119.

Here's how to get it much cheaper

Since this is a new program, I need testimonials from satisifed customers that document how well it works. If you will use the program and send me a testimonial if you are delighted with the results and you want to send one to me, you can dowload the program right now for only $17 right now.

How To Get Confidence